Buy or Not to Buy: weaknesses and strengths of Apple TV

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Apple TV

New course, new Apple TV, though not the standard pattern. But what started as a second product has become the fourth in a bid.

For Apple, the ‘set-top-box’ has been for years a trinket, an element second, or even third. Expectations about each next model collapsed after seeing that each generation was more of the same from the previous. In fact, sales have never reached anywhere near the relevance of the iPhone, iPad or iPod in his younger years.

In 2015, that has changed. It is already in stores, and can be bought, and have appeared his first applications. It is the new fourth generation Apple TV.

Welcome to App Store (again)

The applications have been coming to your desktop with the Mac, our backpack with the iPad, in our pocket with our iPhone and wrist with the Watch. Meanwhile, the car has had their fill with the arrival of car play, so missing the other major environment of our lives: the living room.

4 features Apple TV app store. … Applications and games. Both formats can now take over our TV. A proposal such as Netflix, Zova, HBO, Hulu, Showtime (some only for the US region) and the obvious YouTube, games like ‘Jetpack Joyride’ or ‘Rayman Adventures’ meet. Which brings us to the next point.


Remote is called Siri, name leaves little to the imagination: with it can control the Apple TV interface using Siri. Three elements stand out:

The first, which is kept simple. The very essence of the previous model, with only six physical buttons. The second is precisely Siri , because the voice is protagonist has microphone, listens to us and we can dictate commands such as “show me the best comedy movies in Netflix” or “backwards thirty seconds.”

The third is the panel t to tactile , located in the upper half of the control, with which we can navigate the interface, play … It also includes an accelerometer and a gyroscope that allow us to use it to emulate a golf club, launching a ball or a dance monitoring, for example ahead of the games. Just like the Wii Remote.

And overlooking the game has compatibility with controls. Not with anyone, only to certify that Apple itself, of course. In the Apple Store already sold a couple, completely well-known style of consoles.


One aspect that might not appeal to many, especially if you think about the long-term Apple TV is that its Resolution or nm to Xima is ” s or at ” 1080p, more than enough for most mortals today, but who know little to who already has a 4K TV. And it is that platforms like Netflix or YouTube content and allow enjoy this resolution, but not the Apple TV.

This is now lower against within three years will be an underline and bold against. By then we will certainly have a new model, but not the idea that a ‘set-top-box has the same refresh cycle for a smartphone, right?


Another bad thing is that the Apple TV 4 brings no HDMI cable in the box . This is not new if you have memory because no previous Apple TV brought one, but it collides with an idea rooted in the company, which claims that a product is ready for use from the moment it out of the box.

A friend of advice: if you buy a new one, do not buy the ‘official’ sold in the Apple Store: costs 25 euros and has more quality than most that can be found on the market at lower prices.


And it is also the prices of the new Apple TV are not what they were reduced in the previous generation. It is understandable, however: the current device is a rather more complete: 179 euros for the 32 GB, and 229 euros for 64 GB.

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