The next gadget are helmets: from wearables to hearables

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The helmets are used for too long just to listen. Now some startups are beginning to adorn them with technology to do things like detect biometrics or give advice to the user.

Most of smart devices such as smartphones, tablets or even wearables, found a perfect complement in helmets. Whether connected via cable or Bluetooth, the headphones have become an inseparable ally to listen to music or take calls. And yet, they are a basic part compared to other devices frequently use. Why not make them a more gadget?

This is what some startups have emerged and are working on it a while. The hearables are so called because they are placed in the ear, but also because they use this connection as communication interface with the user.

According to some enthusiasts, they are called to be the next gadget, even surpassing the wearables, the technology that literally takes over, but for now is only smart watches and bracelets.

In this sense hearables would have an advantage over wearables. While people already unaccustomed to watch and not everyone wears bracelets, many wearing helmets daily: do not force users to use a new gadget because they are already doing.

From there we intend to take advantage of the ear is a good place to monitor blood flow, which can monitor your heart rate and other parameters.

But hearable technology could do much more . Through headphones equipped with adequate connectivity and software, the user may receive navigation prompts and reminders. You might even hear a summary of the most important of his last phone conversation.

Combining hearable device with the data stored on your smartphone us, the user may remember that he has eaten at this restaurant when it passes by, or that there are sites that interest you around.

There is software on smartphones that send notifications to warn of these circumstances, but voice technology would have much more impact. One company that has been launched to build these devices is Bragi.

Their helmets, which have not yet come to market, allow you to listen to music when you play sports, but also give you instructions on how to have to run or if you need to slow down.

Not only are startups interested in this technology. And entering the realm of speculation, buying brand Beats by Apple suggests that the apple company might have on the horizon hearable device, as its Watch seems to have not been successful sales have indeed obtained other products.

Intel also partnered with rapper 50 Cent to develop helmets monitored biological parameters of the user while listening to music.

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