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The founder’s own Telegram, Pavel Durov, explained through his Twitter account that would WhatsApp blocking links to the Russian web from your application to Android.

The controversy is served. If until now there was rivalry between WhatsApp and Telegram for their competence in the world of instant messaging, the last movement of the service owned by Facebook could further strain relations between the two platforms.

According to reports from Telegram, WhatsApp would have blocked the links to the web service created by the brothers Durov.

While the latest version of the ‘app’ for Android offers a preview of the links that are shared in a conversation, to put a link to a preview does not appear Telegram.

Whatsapp started censoring links to Telegram in Their Android app (ie for ~ 80% of the users).

As explained himself Pavel Durov in his Twitter account, the hypothetical censorship go even further and, although any link shared on WhatsApp automatically becomes a ‘link’ in the case of no link Telegram worth.

Thus, WhatsApp would lead to a new level the cold war between the Telegram service, which increasingly has more tools and recently reached ten billion messages per day.

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