Marking a message as unread WhatsApp

19May - by msp - 0 - In Apps


You walk too busy to answer messages from a group of WhatsApp? Do not be rude and help yourself to the new app option to mark the message as read and reply later. We explain how.

The operation of the option to mark as read is simple: open the application and locate the conversations you have new messages. Hold your finger on one of them and you’ll see a list of options is displayed.

At the very end, you’ll find the ‘Mark Unread’ option. Pressed and ready, new messages in the conversation will still appear in green.

If these new messages come from a group of WhatsApp than -admittedly- andas a little tired and do not care much, you can always check the option read without opening the conversation.

To do this, press and hold the finger on the group in the same way as before and find the ‘mark as read’ option.

In any case, you have to remember that both options your partners know that you have read the messages as they appear the famous ‘check’ blue. And the new option WhatsApp serves as a reminder to you that there are people who claim you.

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