An app so you do not get caught: WhatsApp hides your pickups in announcements ‘Candy Crush’

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Notifications of the application you choose will pose as other notices much less dangerous. For example, your WhatsApp messages can blend in a notice that you have enough to keep playing ‘Candy Crush’ lives.

Surely you’ve occasionally run into the problem, that your loved ones have access to your phone may involve some trouble when you have something you’d rather hide or at least what you do not feel proud.

Perhaps occasionally WhatsApp chats with your former partner and prefer the current, which has the ugly habit of gossiping your phone, do not know.

Maybe you spend part of your dead times to ‘swipe’ in Tinder and you would not want your mother (or a colleague) become aware of the whoppers that have crept into your dream profile. There are a thousand reasons to keep your most intimate activity outside the circles of your smartphone.

If there is an ideal application to calm your fears at least in Android- it is certainly AllStealth. This simple software, developed by Italian Angelo Gallarello, to hide or disguise the tricky notifications that appear at the wrong time and remain visible even with the screen locked.

You can use, for example, that notices when there arises a ‘match’ in the aforementioned application of flirting longer displayed, but can also do this from the options of the operating system, or Tinder- own without paying 1, AllStealth costing 82 euros.

What really it makes it interesting is the option to camouflage prying notifications under the guise of other bland.

For example, WhatsApp messages will go through what you decide, from an indicator that warns that bluetooth is activated until the typical bland reminder that you have enough to keep playing ‘Candy Crush’ lives.

Just choose the icon that will appear in the false reporting and must accompany the description. As simple as that.

AllStealth is enhanced application Gallarello another version that’s only 22 and still in college studying computer science, is behind this program.

Its predecessor is called StealthApp and only serves to chat par excellence, although it may be the best option (for free) if the only telltale messages you receive are from WhatsApp.

In this case, the tool lets you know when they read your messages, something you could not do if you decide to erase your tracks differently, while still at which you receive without having to enter the application and, therefore, no double dreaded ‘check’ blue dials.

As if that were not enough, the app Gallarello not only allows us to observe what happens in WhatsApp from the shadows, but he does not pry too much into your phone: not asking suspicious permissions, and access your contact list or collect information from your calls.

Just access your notifications, which is in charge of handling so you’re sure nobody puts his prying eyes on your private affairs.

Now you can leave the phone on the table when you calmly go to the shower. AllStealth and StealthApp put in charge of safekeeping your messages.

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