Signal: this is the ‘Whatsapp safe’ using Edward Snowden

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Signal this is the 'Whatsapp safe' using Edward Snowden

If you use the phone and you care about your safety, Signal arrival Android you will brighten your day.

It was one of the most downloaded applications for iPhone users who were concerned about the security of their communications, and now it is surely among the Android.

We refer to Signal , the instant messaging application developed by Whisper Systems that, for some time, has become almost the only redoubt (with permission perhaps Telegram) among all users who, without wanting to give up an app messaging Instantly, they were concerned about the security of their communications and messages sent and received.

But what guarantee do we have quality and safety? Nothing less than that accorded Edward Snowden, exanalista of the National Security Agency (NSA) of the USA that, since its inception, has always supported and sponsored this application as an example of useful and safe tool for all users. In fact, he says to use every day to communicate with your contacts.

Cryptography security service

What is it exactly that makes Signal for us to trust her so much? This is an application based on open source, based on your phone number and your address book, it uses cryptographic codes to ensure the safety and privacy of all messages.

In fact, since the app it is always said that does not use any user data, because access to the server where the information is stored is only available the own mobile phone user, who thus gets protect security and privacy of all it does.

Moreover, Signal works as Whatsapp, Telegram or any other instant messaging application: You can send and receive messages, pictures, videos, create groups to talk to other users.

Fusion TextSecure and RedPhone

Signal does not appear from nowhere, precisely, the application is the result of merging TextSecure and RedPhone, two applications in this case have joined forces to create a much more powerful and with greater visibility.

To use Signal TextSecure users are already receiving an update to the app. For RedPhone users, however, it will be its own application which invite them to download Signal and, if they want, uninstall RedPhone permanently.

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