The WhatsApp for Android brings new favorite messages and preview links

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The WhatsApp

The messaging app brings the improvements of his last betas in a new stable version of Google Play, although few will benefit (for now) one of their news.

WhatsApp updated for users of the operating system Google, gathering in its new version 2.12.367 all the new features that have been added to the beta, downloadable versions only from the company website.

There are three major developments: previews of the links you share, the ability to mark starred messages directly and share something with your contacts.

The latter takes advantage of the functionality ‘direct share’ of the latest version of Android ( 6.0 Mashmallow ), according to recent data is only implemented in 0.3% of the terminals.

It is designed to save steps when you want to share something, offering not only a list of apps, but also the names of contacts with whom you have recently interacted with the logo of the application you used to do.

But we comment first options that we can enjoy most users and since then pass the complaint to Google and Android manufacturers using …

Preview link

When you want to share the URL of a link, a YouTube video, a “tweet” or any other web content WhatsApp quickly analyze the content and the message placed on a thumbnail and a title to send along the link.

Whenever we share more content through this channel, so it’s a good option to know at a glance whether it is worth opening your mobile browser to see what happened to us. And of course, avoid us spending our data rate, some pages or videos weigh a lot …

Featured Posts

Put a little star power to a text message or multimedia is the second major novelty of WhatsApp for Android. You just have to select the chosen content and click on the star that appears as an option on the top.

You can see all of your “Favorites” on screen chats, choosing the menu item ‘featured posts’. They are arranged chronologically by the name of the contact that sent the message.

It is the ideal opportunity to already existing word search among all our chats complement. And something very useful when you pass important information such as a phone number, information of an appointment or wifi password your friend’s house.

What’s funny is that using a star now that Twitter has scrapped in favor of hearts.

Share directly

This is the option that you can enjoy if you have one of the new Nexus 5X or 6P or HTC One A9, which are among the few who work with the latest version of Android. But WhatsApp has already pointed to the moment, small party of ‘marshmallows’ and took advantage of one of their improvements.

You can share directly with quickly choose a contact to send something you’ve seen in other app or web. This is much more immediate than having to choose first WhatsApp and then a name in a list of contacts.

But yes, although much speed will wait patiently for manufacturers deign to upgrade terminals…

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