Google Photos will delete pictures (but it is for you to save space on your mobile)

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Google Photos

The usual: you do thousands of photos and eventually fill your hard disk. Of course, Google has to come to fix the issue …

How many pictures do you have in your phone? Come on, think about it for a second. So many? I bet you want to actually have many more photos on your smartphone that you just think. But many more.

I go further: how much space you take those pictures? Have you looked hard drive of your phone to see how much they are eating?

If you do not want to worry or look at it, because you will probably end up being scared.

And now, after checking all this, do you want to tell me why you keep your photos stored on the phone when you have dozens of options to host them in the cloud? Do not worry, in the end it happens to everyone, we keep resorting to local by sheer inertia, even if it ends up hurting the performance of your phone.

Google helps you free up space

However, this can really become a problem, as all smartphones coming to market have at least one free tool with cloud storage.

And in this case it is Google who has proposed us a hand when it comes to better manage our space.

It does so through Google Photos, the Android application that manages storage cloud our images (which wiped out the Gallery app makes a few versions). And is that from now -always you want- the’ll go erasing your phone so you can have more hard disk capacity.

Upload them to the cloud and delete them mobile

It will do so in the following way: if you like Google Photos application, you simply go to the menu of the app so you can see the pictures (perhaps automatically) will rise.

Among the new options is a particularly useful Photos: delete from your mobile phone which have already been uploaded.

Thus, the application will get free up valuable space on the hard drive of your smartphone, which, ultimately, also lead to a lighter own mobile operation.

If you have an Android phone and this new tool will find attractive, congratulations: you can now go to your app and start using it to go freeing up space on the hard drive and start to take off ballast above.

However, if you have an iPhone will have to wait. Although Google Photos expected to install this option in its version for iOS, today still not be enabled in the iPhone, in which case you will not use it.

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