History and evolution of smartphones

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The history and evolution of smartphones

The history and evolution of smartphones

Although the smartphone market has become popular in the last 4-5 years, the fact is that since the 90s have been seeing terminals offering more than others and it promised to be almost palmtops.

If you are interested in the subject, I found an interesting infographic on the history of smartphones is summarized from the IBM Simon in 1993 (which are pictured above) to the iPhone 4, through the 9000 series of Nokia The Ericsson GS88, the first BlackBerry, Pocket PC and several more devices today have fallen in absolute obsolescence.

They are missing some of the latest models, but in any case that part of the evolution of smartphones we have very fresh, so it does not matter.

Definitely an interesting read to understand where we came from and how much has been achieved in less than two decades. Is the impact that would cause phones like the Samsung Galaxy S II or iPhone 4 itself if suddenly in 1993 aterrizasen- imagine? They seem science fiction. I leave you with the infographic after the jump.

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