Evolution of Nokia phones

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Nokia phones

Nokia makes much of the history of cell in the world and the new generation phone with Windows Phone 8 will be entering to make part of this great journey that has taken technology company.

As part of this tour, Nokia presents the evolution of technology from the beginning until now.

Thanks to computer graphics by the company can meet the design, name, innovation and technology have become part of the main mobile devices.

The first phone from Nokia, the Nokia Talkman Mobira came in 1984, weighed about 5 kilos and was transportable, aspects which at the time was really revolutionary. Although for some people seem ridiculous, in 1992, the Nokia 1011 revolutionized the world by providing a memory that allowed save up to 99 phone numbers.

In 2002 Nokia introduced its first integrated 760 camera, a 0.3 megapixel digital lens. During this journey, Nokia demonstrated innovation in large areas to allow today have cell phones with different company began to allow video recording with editing, multimedia smart phone, a camera of 12 megapixels, one of 41 megapixels and up a flexible cell. Remember the little snake game anyway?

Most likely your first cell or one of the first cell could be a Nokia. What memories or memories do you have of them?

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