The trial of Apple Watch, a shock of delayed effects

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Apple Watch

The intelligent clock Apple does not sell as fast as Tim Cook would like. Although clearly leads the market, expectations too high, is not being met. To be as revolutionary as the iPhone, some guru warns the company needs time. What long are going to do the next few years…

On September 9, 2014, Tim Cook returned to the origins of Apple in the Flint Center in Cupertino, where Steve Jobs introduced the first Mac in 1984, the weapon he had chosen to deliver his first major battle as commander of the company most valuable in the world. The Apple Watch opened a new front for the first time since his predecessor, the legendary Apple co-present the iPad in 2010.

Now that you’ve spent more than a year, the co-founder who is still alive, the other Steve, is pronounced in unflattering terms on the contraption. Wozniak says that from time to time, forget wearing the watch and not even realize. Bad signal.

He says, “will not work” these computers wrist. I was skeptical from the beginning about the entry of the company in this market.

Reasons, apparently, did not lack. Marc Newson, the man called to be the successor of Jony Ive, the design guru bitten apple, ask for a little patience. To properly assess the impact of Apple Watch, according to their recent statements, we may have to wait even half a decade.

“As far as I know, has been a huge success you look at it,” he assured. “I believe that this product-for many, many reasons that people are not yet aware that they have not thought about it or just do not know- become something equally revolutionary” than the iPhone. “I think people, consumers or analysts, is very impatient.”

Meanwhile, experts are struggling to point out the indicators of poor reception. Following the presentation of the latest quarterly results from Apple, which closed “the most successful fiscal year” in the history of the company, some warned of a striking absence?

The figures for sales, Apple Watch was relegated to the “Other”, where data were diluted between accessories (headphones, displays, storage devices …), the Apple TV and iPod.

“If sales were fired, Apple would be the first brag about it in a press release,” pointing in The Guardian. “At the same time, it is important to remember two things. One is that Apple Watch sales have increased each quarter, at least according to Tim Cook.

Two, that early sales of Apple Watch and carry a higher than the iPhone or the iPad rate, which means that some products do not really take off until one or two years after leaving the market. ”

This interpretation supports the argument Newson. To smart watches must be given time is rumored that the next version of ‘SmartWatch’ Apple already being manufactured and could be released next year, who knows if the incorporation a SIM card atajaria most critical Wozniak: it only serves as an intermediary between you and your iPhone.

It seems that users are also concerned about this detail. According to a recent survey, 34% of those who have left running the Watch say that’s too green. The same percentage quote the price (419 euros for the cheapest model to 13,200 of the more expensive ) as the main obstacle to purchasing the Apple smart watch.

Perhaps that is why the emergence of Cupertino in the ‘wearables’ has spurred the most affordable competitors. Pebble sales have doubled over the previous year, according to its head . “Apple has attracted a lot of attention to this space,” said Eric Migicovsky.

“They have focused on being the Rolex or Tag Heuer of smartwatches.

We, meanwhile, are trying to be the Swatch (…) We are building something that is fun, a bit more colorful. It is affordable. In essence, it is just another type of clock. ”

So the figures are disappointing bite the apple? ¿Worse than those of other manufacturers? Not even close. Simply expectations when it comes Apple are higher.

It is true that things are going slow, but have sold seven million watches since its launch, according to estimates from Canalys. More than all other manufacturers combined.

If it is true that there are fewer than two million Android Wear smartwatches with running, as indicated by some research, it is obvious that Tim Cook and his head a sector that is still in its infancy.

The commander of Apple has lost his bet, but the clock, never better, is against him. With so many mouths close, it’s no wonder she’s desperate to sell. If you have to say that our lives depend on it, it will. What do I say? He already has .

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