Instagram passes the broom and loaded dozens of applications

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Instagram passes the broom and loaded dozens of applications

The network end photographic excellence with applications that allow view photographs of their users without access to the official platform Instagram.

Instagram does not want the audience will go to other applications and will make every effort to avoid it. If it was possible to see the images shared by users of the social network through third party apps as Webstagram or Instagram now until now the property of Facebook platform will cut off the tap.

Instagram is making a big cleaning from which only allow the existence of applications to edit pictures of users. The others can not access this information because the subsidiary Facebook cut in this sense access to their API.

The policy changes will be effective from next December and developers of third-party applications will run until the summer of 2016 for platforms comply with the new rules of Instagram.

Thus, the social network for photographic excellence will make everyone who wants to see the pictures of its members mandatory pass for the official application. So, Instagram channeled entire audience by the place it is more profitable: its own app, where advertising is already shared.

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