Spun, another app to create crap you need in your life

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Spun, another app to create crap you need in your life

Today rare is the web or the person who does not use looped videos, gifts or, in general, user-created content to illustrate their contents or their lives.

It’s an endless cycle that started long ago and has gone more as smartphones have become more powerful and their screens have been large enough to see nonsense in all its glory.

In this context, SPUN app wants to be something more to easily mount your bullshit.

Seriously, this trend is so vast that there is room for a lot of apps and entrepreneurs who do not stop releasing new ideas and ways to create assemblies, to the point that it is much easier to do these things on a mobile or tablet that on your computer.

SPUN provides a vast library of faces, gifs and cut and ready to be included in the most varied special effects in this context.

Example is: your mother makes a humorous comment on the Christmas dinner and you’ve been so clever that you’ve captured on video with your iPhone. If you take SPUN, you can include Christmas swabs or face Kanye West to give an even better dramatic effect.

It is true that your guys are not going to know who Kanye, but go, your friends will from the box-and if you really have some skill can create a VIRAL. Internet works well today, breaking the privacy of your intimate moments.

Outside jokes, the idea SPUN not be unique, but great details as to go frame by frame in a video setting and moving the cut face of a ‘celebrity’ make it a good choice for your phone.

Its creators are Andy Miller and Avi Dabir, which have already created my success as m-Qube (mobile payment), Quattro Wireless (which sold to Apple) and recently Leap Motion, a startup of control movements.

His mental process when creating the app is quite smart. “People a screenshot or video of a part is low and puts it into After Effects or Photoshop, mounts and then uploads it to Instagram. As they do this, what better to make them easier to express themselves. For that there SPUN “.

That is perhaps the strongest point: it has a library for creating crap from other while allowing create them from your own follies.

The thing is something -of select your file from the camera, recording it directly or by choosing from the library, cut, mix it with anything and upload it to all parties, both internal social network SPUN as Vine, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …

The last curiosity is that SPUN has a group of writers and comedians to create own content and select the creations that are to be included in the library of the app.

Apart from copyright or image rights that could charge many of the famous faces that appear, it is a fantastic idea that the same comes to fruition.

At the end of the day, the apps are evolving in this direction: more and more they want to create and its content rather than mere vehicles.

SPUN is therefore that, chorradas vehicle, as a creative potential thereof. To see how it goes. For now, it is only in iOS , but if things up we will see in Android soon.

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