This portfolio serves as an external battery for your iPhone

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This portfolio serves as an external battery for your iPhone

At first glance it looks like a normal wallet, with a classic touch and certain elegance dressed in black. But in addition to the airline to save bundles and buoyant credit cards, leather this item includes a battery of 2400 mAh with a short cable to charge your iPhone.

External batteries have become fashionable for a couple of years now ago. It was a logical step considering our smartphone that sometimes lasts a full day and live.

Thus, stores have been filled specialize external battery tube-shaped or square, there did seem even 4 TB hard drives, to the point that almost worth more lead over other mobile before such liability.

There are, in any case, many more types of diseon that can be found on Amazon, eBay and other online markets. But they all have one problem: you have to take another object in his pocket. It is understandable: if you buy a laptop battery is to take with you, that’s what the party.

But here the company Nomad component design has not complied with this and has built one of these external batteries in an object that already carry in your pocket: your wallet. This way, you do not have to carry what you always carry in your pockets plus a battery tube. Of course, you have to lead a more bulky and heavy portfolio.

Specifically, the Wallet for iPhone -so have dubbed the Nomad product, allegedly after a brainstorming agotador- weighs 162 grams. It is more than a normal wallet, because obviously having a tube embedded with a capacity of 2400 mAh tonnage increases but remains a single object.

The dimensions, compared with a normal portfolio, are virtually the same. Promotional images (in those nice things always go) Wallet for iPhone does not take much more than other listed portfolios.

Anyway reality, the fact is that space is maximized.

The battery is attached at the junction of the two flaps of the portfolio. In that void it has crept a thin cylinder which leaves a short cable to plug the iPhone. The charger is valid for the Lightning connector type, which first appeared on the iPhone 5.

When the terminal is not charging, the cable is collected aseptically, in line with the battery.

This portfolio will start selling this November for $ 100. The bad news for those who have felt seduced by its leather and milliamp-hour is for orders from outside the United States cost $ 150.

The Wallet for iPhone, though, is one of those supplements that are certified by Apple, which partly explains why the company is allowed to put this price.

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