That’s how it’s going Tinder sex without commitment to marriage agency

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That's how it's going Tinder sex without commitment to marriage agency

The application started as a proposal to seek sex without commitment is getting into the realm of more traditional dating portals. Now the user profiles include a section on their job and their training.

In no time Tinder has become more a fad than a popular application. Perhaps it has been the platform for Internet link through which more prejudices are loaded and may have been for its light character. It is used like a game, saying ‘I like’ or discarding users with just a sweep of your finger.

The simplicity when use has contributed to its expansion. It was necessary to complete a comprehensive profile with innumerable data about yourself to the platform algorithm look the other half.

It was enough to select some photos to your Facebook profile shows, filling the old, some interests and write a brief description.

But the tide is turning Tinder. From now the application will have a new profile box for users to expose their job and their training.

From the point platform that is an encouraging a more informed decision making, but the fact is that after this argument toilet app’s interest is seen to go a step beyond what he was now.

Show the training and work profile provides additional information that he had, with the inevitable consequence of losing that precipitation when to say yes or no because with the new data are other things to evaluate: Tinder has gone from show based primarily on the physical profile, supported by photos, to one in which two keys to know a person, training and work elements, will occupy an important place.

Or the public of the application is changing or is that your audience wants change.

Previously the profiles were designed for users who seek quick, easy games, while now being introduced other filters through, and that will make people spend more time in the application, it has more details to know (what Facebook is called gossip, go).

Work and training data are more oriented to those who have an interest beyond the fleeting encounter. And people will pay more easily in this way, as you would normally give more importance to find that soul mate that is weathered to a night of debauchery … Or not.

The platform also states that the new data may be a useful starting point to start a conversation. All the brakes on the creativity of users. Stellar introductions as “Hello, beautiful,” followed by a casual phrase like “I like that should be avoided when salts party with two other broads photo. Not by the broads, huh! You’re the prettiest. LOL. What do you call the club? I think I have not been. ”

Author’s note : The ‘kas’ and spelling mistakes have been corrected in the final paragraph of this article. Question marks and initials, added exclamation.

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