A USB skewer with wifi to issue your movies streamed to three nearby devices

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A USB skewer with wifi to issue your movies streamed to three nearby devices

This USB Wi-Fi allows you to broadcast movies or music at three different nearby devices.

Imagine you have to make a long drive with two children behind. Imagine you are of those children who have not yet risen and have started to scream and mourn wondering if much remains to arrive.

Imagine finally instalandote a DVD player in the car for hundreds of euros to avoid the drama (and start another in your checking account).

SanDisk has launched the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick, a USB spikes that can help with the first drama without starting the second. It is a seemingly normal skewers, though perhaps a little thicker, in addition to the typical function of small hard drive, add the ability to broadcast streaming wirelessly.

Operation is simple: you upload files to the USB (actually any file either for example image, audio or video) and you download the app Connect Drive (for Android and iOS). Once you do that, you must connect the device to the wireless USB and go.

The pileup in question will emit up to three files simultaneously to three devices at once. Provided, of course, they are within range of your WiFi (to leave the device in another room enough, you do not take it with you).

Upstairs we had the drama of a children’s travel, but in reality the usefulness of the application is not necessarily that. Think of a business meeting in which several people should consult files at once, or in a class with a small group of students, or yourself traveling on the plane.

The device comes in three versions, 32, 64 and 128 gigabytes, and works with 8 or higher and iOS Android 4.2 or higher. Yes, both mobile as tablets, including iPhones and iPads.

The price ranges from $ 39.99 for the first version, the second 54.59 and 159.24 for the third. If you want to buy online, the SanDisk own leads you directly to Amazon.

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