The butler always wanted: the robot takes you purchase home

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The butler always wanted the robot takes you purchase home

A few days ago Google announced that from 2017 begin to use drones to the distribution of orders. And it’s not the only one who joins the party of these unmanned aircraft.

At this rate, the sky will be the busiest roads themselves: now Google also announced that it will use drones for shopping deals.

However, there are a few visionaries who, foreseeing that air traffic could fall apart, have proposed a similar idea, but something more land.

Therefore, the British company Starship Technologies, one of whose sponsors is Ahti Heinla, one of the founders of Skype, has created a small robot designed to take grocery shopping to your door.

The fact is that the user does not move from his home.

The robot in question is the sea monkey. Has a small footprint, it runs about six kilometers per hour-just one person, so do not expect a breakneck speed when you are dealt the purchaser has a capacity for two bags and runs on electricity.

This cute little robot can also avoid obstacles thanks to the navigation software and incorporating evasion.

Of course, you have to not manipulate anything, since there is a remote control car: it manages by himself with directions and ways of the store to your home.

Your only role will be to monitor the travel made through an application from your smartphone and receive the shipment because, for safety, the robot will deliver only what one is waiting at home.

According to its creators, shipments will become 10 or 15 times cheaper than today, and thanks to that it is an electrical appliance, the environmental impact will be nil.

The only downside, though, is that, as the robot is just down the street, into the hands of foreign friends.

The company claims that the trial period will begin in the US, UK and other countries in 2016, although so far only seem to have a prototype.

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