Wiffinity, the app that gives you free wifi … in exchange for advertising

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Every time we have more options to get free wifi. Of course, nothing is ever entirely free.

Search free wifi anywhere to save as much as possible in our data rate is one of our favorite sports.

But, is it safe to connect to any open wifi? Not much. In fact, can it be profitable give people free wifi? As in the case of Gowex it was fairly clear that not , but hey, there’s always one retries and, at least, worth seeing how it does and what service offers.

Wifi free advertising

One company that is working on this endeavor is Wiffinity, a Madrid-based startup that in the short time he has of life is struggling for a place offering its users the ability to connect to wireless signals for free.

The thing works as follows: the user can download Wiffinity the app to access an interactive map with more than 400 locations throughout Madrid that have free access to a WiFi connection, which may accede to it without problem and save on your monthly data rate.

Agreements with shops, bars …

But, then, is a kind Wiffinity registration wifi connections opened by users and public administrations? Not really. What Wiffinity offers is a series of points where is the startup itself which enabled connection.

And these connection points are installed in shopping malls, bars, restaurants … all those businesses that want to give users a free wifi through the app. Using hitch, of course, that also spend time within their premises.

Promotions and offers on your mobile

Obviously, the gratuity of this service has a fee. In exchange for free WiFi application can send you a series of offers, promotions and advertisements for establishments that have signed these trade agreements.

These ads may mildly inconvenienced you, but hey, do not expect this to be totally free, right? And if the ads do not dislike, perhaps the range of services it can come in handy for a place to eat, sticking a tourist route or find a store in the city determined.

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