Line users stagnate … but the benefits do not stop rising

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Line users stagnate ... but the benefits do not stop rising

Bad times for Line? Well man, depending how you look. Because users do not grow, that’s true, but the income itself.

It is one of the major battles of all social networks and existing applications: the number of users who try to engage.

In this regard the undisputed king’s Facebook world. And, although we can discuss the issues of its business model, the fact is that over 1,500 million users of the social network Mark Zuckerberg are the envy for everyone.

Line: a lime and sand

As for Line, the figures depend on how you want to look at, especially when you consider that once this app auto present as instant messaging platform that would end the reign of Facebook.

At the moment one thing is clear: that scenario will not occur even in dreams.

Line has a serious problem: surely has peaked user. And it now has 212 million active users, ‘just’ six more than in the previous quarter of this year million.

And what entrecomillamos of ‘just’ because, is a growing, but much less admirable when you consider the speed and quickness that we must assume this type of application when adding users. Thus, the number of users of Line seems fairly stagnant at the moment.

Positives: $ 267 million

However, there is a part of the company it does have reasons for joy: the current account. And, according to data released by the app itself, in the last quarter had revenue of $ 267 million.

And this figure … is good or bad? It’s more than good, if we look at evolution. And it always according to data Line- own increased revenues in the last quarter was 16%. And when compared with the same quarter of 2014 is that the app revenues have grown by as much as 35%.

Advertising, API and music

But where does this increased income? So say in the company, it seems that on three legs. First, advertising revenues, which have increased due to the inclusion of sponsored video advertising stickers or paid by private labels.

Second, the possibility that Line offers companies from the tool to create a safe and proper application of each company, thanks to the collaboration agreement with Intel instant messaging.

Finally the music also seems to be a good source of income for Line. In Japan and Thailand, its streaming service now has more than 8.6 million downloads and 4 million active users each month.

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