This sensor for SmartWatch created by Disney identifies everything you touch

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If anything has become clear in recent times about the wearables it is that smart or smartwatches watches are the kings of mambo.

We have seen all makes, models and types. Now another party joins the hand of Disney. Yes, you read correctly, the “dream factory”.

The film company Disney and Carnegie Mellon University have joined forces to bring developing a sensor SmartWatch able to identify objects that touches the user wearing it. So far, I have tried in the Samsung Galaxy Gear, and it works.

This model of intelligent clock uses electromagnetic noise profiles in real time to detect when the user is in contact with an object.

This is what we have called EM-Sense, which comes from the acronym of “electromagnetic” (EM).

Many objects we use daily emit a certain amount of electromagnetic noise, and when a person comes into physical contact with them, these electromagnetic signals propagate through the user due to the conductivity of the human body, say the makers of Disney Research Managers of the project.

The device smartwatches working on is a copper strip capable of reading electromagnetic signals in real time and reliably identify the object that the user is playing at all times, such as a refrigerator, a laptop, one door or a shopping cart.

The watch also has other possibilities, such as sending reminders to tasks that have outstanding.

The only ‘downside’ is that these electromagnetic signals to be classified in advance, but Disney says that “discrimination among dozens of objects is viable, independent of the user, the time and the environment.”

The best, moreover, is its price. The creators of this band claim that the manufacturing cost of this accessory, which could be integrated into a SmartWatch, is only $ 10, and have an effectiveness of 96.1%.

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