Google wants to know if you are available to meet friends

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Want to know which of your friends is free for a last minute plan at a glance? Google wants to help with a new application.

Grope friends for an impromptu plan is a suckling pig. WhatsApp groups can last forever, either by long, awkward silences friends not answer (but appear “Online”) or strings of cheap excuses to give your proposals door

Of course, perhaps the greatest do not have that problem because they keep calling to be, but .. what if it’s not your case?

If ‘talk’ with people to do something you require a great deal Google brings a new application to put it easier. It’s called ‘Who’s Down’ and has been developed for iOS and Android.

It powered by invitation, as happened with Inbox, and is not yet available in Spain … But what will? Or, better yet Do we need to align more with an app like this? First things first …

The main function of the application of Mountain View is a switch to tell if you are free to be in the next three hours to your group of friends. As simple as that. While slightly resembling I, an app that initially seemed stupid and has had some success among teenagers.

If the distress call like, “take me home but I will not lift a finger for it” works no more options … Users can establish what they plan to do, being able to write the plan or choose from several popular plans you only have to select it: take a beer, take a walk, lunch or dinner …

Come, cousin of least resistance, at least until the time when one or more friends are interested in the plan and a chat window opens to specify. These conversations disappear after 24 hours.

‘Who’s Down’ will also suggest to people in your circle of friends that are free or are interested in similar activities that you propose to alleviate your loneliness. Still, it does not seem to be a Tinder further use.

It seems clear that the new app ‘made in Google’ seeks to achieve a teenager or college audience. In fact, in their own website to request an invitation (for USA) ask about your university (as did Facebook in 2004) as well as ask for your email address.

We’ll see if Google’s initiative is successful if just integrating into apps like Hangouts … or just forgotten in the drawer in one of the periodic cleaning of obsolete services company, we all know that the technology giant will resist social networks…

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