Data consumption to hear the online radio from the mobile

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Data consumption to hear the online radio from the mobile

There are many phones that among the benefits that we offer is the availability of FM radio with which you can tune in analog form various stations we have at our disposal. But recently, increasingly mobile models are beginning to forget the analog FM radio and no longer include this function among its features.

Without going any further, the moving range of Nexus have never included receiver FM radio as OnePlus One that does not include among its features this option. And so many models of phones that are beginning to side to this option.

The truth is that there are still manufacturers that criterion to decide whether a particular model of mobile or not to include receiving FM radio , but what is certain is that the latest models of mobile high-end, more expensive, and They not included.

Alternatives to hear radio on a mobile:

There are still many users when seeking to change mobile between the characteristics of the new terminal able to receive the analog form is included FM radio. But in the case of our new mobile not include this option, we must seek alternatives to enjoy our mobile radio.

If your mobile phone does not include FM radio, we can always resort to the podcast. We unloaded our favorite shows to our mobile and hear them quietly when we want, but always with the disadvantage that they are not live broadcasts, still, it’s a good choice and always find good applications to find podcasts of our favorite shows as Ivoox or Radio Podcast.

The other most commonly used alternative is to resort to online radio. Virtually all radio stations already have their applications in our phones to hear the online radio, there are even applications that include an extensive list of stations from different countries with which we can hear the online radio on your mobile phone.

Applications such as TuneIn, or radios Spain offer us a long list of radio stations with which you can listen to online radio from your mobile. We will have the advantage to be live broadcasts and digital quality, but have the major drawback that being an online radio, hear it conlleba the consumption data that can undermine our data rate.

How much data consumes an online radio?

This is something that should not worry if you have an unlimited data tariff on your mobile, and you can consume without fear of cost data. If you have unlimited data but your speed decreases to a certain limit is exceeded, you may have difficult to hear some online radio in your phone.

The data consumes an online radio depends on two factors: The bitrate with issuing the online radio in question and the time you devote to hear it.

Some approximate figures are:

  • 10 minutes -> 4.7 Mb (64Kbps) – 9.4 Mb (128Kbps)
  • 30 Minutes -> 14 Mb (64Kbps) – 28 Mb (128Kbps)
  • 60 Minutes -> 28 Mb (64Kbps) – 56 Mb (128Kbps)

What is bitrate?

Simply because it is the data transfer rate per unit time, the number of bits per second that occurs when we hear the online radio.

Most broadcasters, especially musical, issued with bitrate of 128Kbps as the music requires a higher data rate that can receive broadcasts of sufficient quality. By contrast, online radios spoken, where no music predominates, can emit smoothly 64Kbps and so the data rate is lower. It is also possible to find some online radio issued to 54Kbsp or even 32Kbps.

Therefore, if we hear the online radio and not have an excessive consumption of data we choose those stations that broadcast with low bitrate and the transfer rate will be lower.

For example, I usually run during the week and although normally I turn to podcasts to go listening to them, there are days I like to go listening to the radio, especially those nights that matches football, to which I turn to online radio to hear the parties.

To do this, I select a radio with low bitrate, if possible 32Kbps and consumption data for over half an approximate time of use is less than 25 Mb.

You see, the hear the online radio does not have to mean excessive consumption data if we know how to use it.

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