Unlock Android phone with a broken screen

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Unlock Android phone with a broken screen

The great danger of the current touch-screen phones is just that, your screen. It is an expensive device skinny and with many different specifications point. For many cases, screen savers or care you have, the smallest blow can shred your screen.

The screen of a cell consists of two parts. On the one hand what is the screen itself, reproducing what you see, and secondly an external touch panel that is responsible for transmitting keystrokes you make on it.

That’s why when our screen breaks which usually break is the external touch panel and your mobile phone stops responding to touches do about it.

If the screen of your phone is broken so we can only repair.

Unfortunately, mobile guarantees do not cover accidental breakage of screen, unless you have paid for an extension of the guarantee to cover you display breaks.

There are also those who hire a mobile insurance covering such cases. Those who try to put the broken screen mobile within a home insurance , or so as I do not have no insurance, no additional security, just be careful that it does not break, so we have to send mobile technical service for repair or attempted repair ourselves buying necessary parts.

Whatever the option you opt, the mobile will be reset to make the repair, so all you keep in it will be lost unless we make a copy of its contents, something very simple if you are crazy and walk with mobile unprotected access to it, without a password or pattern, because you just have to connect the phone to a PC and ready.

If you have access to mobile protected with a password, pattern or pin access, things change.

Android mobile unlock protected with a broken screen:

As we said, if you are a cautious person, you will have your phone protected with a password, a pattern or pin access. If so, you’ve proven as when connected to a PC via the USB cable, the internal memory of the mobile is blank, so we can only see its contents when mobile access.

Of course, if your screen is broken and does not respond to our presses, we will see it black to unlock it.

Quiet, depending on type of use on your mobile block, there are some ways to unlock it to back up your content before sending it to the SAT.

Mobile protected unlock pattern:

It may be the method to protect our access to most used mobile. It is to unite a number of points on our screen in a pattern previously defined in the Security settings Mobile. If the drawn pattern matches the defined, access to mobile unlock.

If the touch panel is broken our mobile, complete the unlock pattern we can be very difficult because the mobile screen will not respond to our taps.

In this case, oddly enough, many models of Android phones allow the connection of a PC mouse. If you like what you hear, the same USB mouse that you use on your PC you could use on your Android phone and so unlock the lock pattern.

To do so we need a single OTG Cable, USB mouse, and that our model allows as mobile connection. Simply connect the Cable OTG mobile and at the other end and let the USB mouse clicking on the points to complete the pattern to unlock the phone.

Your phone does not accept the connection of USB mice? Because you just have to reset a password from Android Device Manager as explained here and try to enter your password created from the broken screen.

If you can not enter the password, you can use the ADB and console commands from a PC, provided you have the USB debugging on your phone turned on, if you have not enabled, then you have it very difficult.

Mobile access password protected:

In this case, where we have our mobile protected with a password or pin access and the screen is broken and can not enter the password or PIN to access, we will be more difficult but not impossible.

Well, not impossible if you have the USB debugging enabled, because if you do not have that USB debugging enabled you can not do anything.

And before you ask, the USB debugging have to activate your first activating development options and then going to turn USB debugging, is not enabled by default.

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