Innerexile, protector iPhone repairs itself in a second

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Innerexile, protector iPhone repairs itself in a second

If the casing of your iPhone is scratched or damaged in any way, you know you have already created one that is self-healing.

Surely you remember those ads (still exist?) That ensured product car repair scratches or wood with paint or some kind of tiny crystals that actually did not serve for absolutely nothing apart from spending money to make a useless thing, is not it?

As if it were as simple fix a scratch, right? Well, if you have an iPhone, look at this: a Taiwanese company claims to have the solution to your problems. Or, at least, to the problems pertaining to your iPhone.

It is Innerexile, a company that has developed a housing and a screen saver for your iPhone (and other Mac products) can see their scratches repaired within one second.

Innerexile trick is that its components are made of tiny microcapsules containing a liquid, apparently like glue, which acts in case scratch. And that is when the scratch occurs, the liquid is spread by scratching and to repair it in a second, according to the company.

The key is in the plastic

But where’s the catch? According Innerexile, the key to their cases and screen savers are in Hydra, a special plastic that developed at the time and getting stacked the microcapsules and make you scratch if redistributed.

In fact, the company already developed a similar technology getting repair scratches in just 30 seconds. A tiny time, no doubt, but with this new version have managed to beat his own record.

One of the best advantages of screensavers is Innerexile Cases that have been developed for a range of much wider than would be expected in principle Apple products.

So, if you have an iPhone 6 6 Plus iPhone, iPhone 6S, 6S iPhone Plus, any Macbook or even Apple Watch, you’re in luck: your device is compatible with these products.

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