Reset password pattern or Android

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Reset password pattern or Android

I have already said many times in this blog about the importance of having well protected access to our mobile. It is the principal security measure to avoid unwanted access to our data, records and accounts in case of theft or loss of mobile.

Even today I see many people who only care about the security of your data once you have lost your mobile or have been victims of a robbery. That is when come the cries, worries, crying and searching for information on how to retrieve our information.

In Google Play we have some applications, with which we can protect our mobiles quite well. With it, we can determine its location, whether it has introduced a new SIM in it, take photos remotely activate the microphone, send messages to mobile or perform remote wipe the phone memory.

If you do not want to checkout, we may choose other free options like the Android operating system it has, that is, with our remote management of devices, as explained in this article.

With the remote management of Android, we can know that place is our device, lock it, and even erase its contents. Less options than any payment app but useful to the end of the options.

As we said, the best the main barrier anti thieves is the password protection, pin or pattern lock, access to our mobile content.

With this protection, you can not access the mobile, even you can not display its contents on a PC connected via USB cable, but of course, now we have a problem, and it is our poor memory, as many of us forget the password or pattern of access to our mobile and we have the need to know how to reset it.

Resetting the pattern, password or PIN to access Android:

The way to restore access pattern and the pin or the password set to protect access to our mobile is very simple. We just need to have enabled the option in our mobile Device Management found in Settings / Security / device administrators. There we will find the option Device Manager that we have to allow us to manage our mobile remotely.

Having this option enabled, you must do something if or when to reset the master password or Android only have to access the management of your device from a PC using our data to access the associated Gmail account Mobile in question -> Android Device Manager

Once identified with our data, the wizard tries to connect to the phone and once connected with it, the map will show its approximate location and can proceed to restore the pattern or password to your mobile by clicking on “Block”.

We have the option to create a new lock screen in our mobile that will replace the default we have established. Will fill the required fields such as the password to set the password to unlock the phone.

We can even send a message that will appear on the lock screen mobile or do you leave a button to dial a telephone number previously set by us.

In this simple way we can restore the pattern or password in our mobile android if we have forgotten that we have established.

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