This intelligent temperature control cup of your drink

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This intelligent temperature control cup of your drink

One of the best feelings in the long days of winter is to take a good hot coffee to charge batteries and start the day well tempered. The problem is that pleasure often lasts so it takes coffee (or tea, or cocoa, or drink you like) to cool.

But enough of cold drinks, because that for the summer: now you can go abrazandote the noses all the time you want.

What? With Ember cup. This is a wonderful invention that lets you keep warm drink at your leisure. In particular, it is an intelligent heated cup with which you can adjust the temperature at which keep drinking and, therefore, choose the one you like to drink your coffee (or tea, or cocoa, or …).

The thing is that each person is a world on the subject of coffee temperature. Some prefer boiling, some mild and others practically cold. With Ember everyone can adjust grades come pleased. Even for slow sipping a cup interesting Ember, as much as to pass the -u minutes as hours- keep coffee fresh out of coffee.

One of the best aspects of Ember is adjusting the temperature to your liking whatever the desired temperature. That is, if you find that your coffee is too hot and you do not like so, it cools down to the selected temperature and if it is very cold, hot.

Ember works with a rotating base that allows you to choose the temperature of the beverage by turning in either direction. To find out what temperature is the drink just put your finger on the Cup logo and an LED display in the bottom where the information is displayed.

And how could it be otherwise, also works with an application that you can activate from a mobile device. With this app you can set the temperature you want to drink, you will send notifications when as you wanted and you can even connect to an Apple watch.

The cup has a capacity of 350 milliliters or 500 grams, and measures twenty feet high and eight in diameter. And the truth is, if it fulfills all its promises, the price is not exorbitant at all: about 120 euros.

If you have not closed your letter to Santa Claus, the Ember cup may be a good candidate. Although currently you can only ask because the first shipments, according Indiegogo, are planned for April 2016.

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