Tips for Managing Multiple Projects via PM Tools

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When you need to manage even one project, it is already a difficult thing to do, but if you are trying to manage several projects at a time you might find it simply overwhelming. This is why today more and more people opt for using modernPM software that are designed to help you oversee many projects easier owing to some of the unique tools they offer. Below are several examples of the ways contemporary PM tools can help you.

Real-World Time Scheduling

If you need to manage several projects at a time then you need to understand that one of the biggest nuisances you may face is probably finding and allocating resources properly. PM software that can offer you a real-world scheduling engine will definitely make your life much simpler. You will be able to easily determine which resources are available, and so you will schedule these resources to individual projects.

Risk Management Issues

There is no secret that any company deals with more and less risky projects. As such, you need to make sure that your company does not take too many risky projects at a time. Special risk management tools in your PM software will help you analyze which of your projects carry more risks and which of them seem to be less problematic. With such possibilities you will not only allocate the resources properly, but will also make sure that you understand the risks involved.

Integrating PM tools with Familiar Applications

Before you have started using any PM software, you have already had some tools in your arsenal. So PM software can combine all in one on the base of its platform. It means that if you do something in Microsoft Excel or on your Google Drive, the same information will instantly appear in your software. It means that you can save a bunch of time on simply avoid the need of transferring different pieces of information from various applications.

Tools for Collaboration

Another great headache that project managers face every day is collaboration with all project members. If you, for instance, have five different projects that you need to stay in touch with five different project managers reporting to you. Instead of checking your e-mail box every couple of minutes you can use PM tools for better and faster collaboration with these project managers in real time.

Custom Designs

And to say the last thing here, you should remember that no cookie-cutter PM software will be able to offer you absolutely everything that you are looking for. This is why custom field creation is so much important; it helps and allows you to capture very specific information for projects, resources, and individual tasks. In the matter of fact, you get a possibility to create custom fields for every single project, so you will be able to pay attention to what actually matters to you most.

There is no secret that managing various projects at the same time can be pretty time-consuming and stressful endeavor, but with the help of proper PM tools you can make this process go easy.


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