Recording Videos from Netflix with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review

27Jan - by msp - 0 - In Software

Watching TV shows and movies on Netflix is ever so convenient – and if you’re a subscriber then you probably already know that. Not only does it allow you to watch any content that you want to at your own convenience, but it also has a huge selection from which you can browse and flix

Frankly speaking, Netflix is close to being the perfect streaming service for content – it just has one downside: It requires a constant internet connection to stream its content. When you use Netflix there’s no option that will allow you to download or save content so that you can watch it later – which can be inconvenient at times.

On the bright side, although Netflix may not have the option to let you save your videos to watch offline – the Movavi Screen Capture Studio will allow you to do just that. By recording the Netflix video directly from your screen, you can then save it and watch it whenever you desire.

Assuming you’re worried that using screen capture software to watch Netflix offline is going to be complicated – there’s really no reason to be concerned. The Movavi Screen Capture Studio prides itself in being intuitive and user-friendly, so recording your favorite show is going to simply be a case of setting the recording area to encompass Netflix and then starting the recording when it starts to play.

If you’d like to explore its features a bit more you’ll find a whole slew of options, including video editing capabilities that will let you cut and combine video segments, enhance the video quality, add music, use special effects, and much more. Some of these features will come in handy when you’re recording your Netflix shows, so be sure to try them out at some point or other.

Essentially that’s all there is to it – and in no time you’ll be happily recording videos from Netflix with ease. Be sure to optimize your videos with the presets provided so that they are saved in the best possible format for any platform or device.

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