5 Killer Tips to Enhance Customer Experience in Your Magento Store

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Magento gives you the perfect platform to sell your goods and products online, but it is up to you to enhance your customers’ overall experience. Believe it or not, some simple advice can take you a long, long way and help you generate more sales than ever before, especially if you equip it with a range of modules and extensions.

1 – Give Customers Information

According to a study from Forrester, 45% of customers will abandon their shopping carts if they cannot find the information they need regarding their purchases. In some cases, customers just want to know if a particular product is in stock. In others, they might want to know your return policy. Be sure to include all of the pertinent information on every single page of your site, and make sure it is highly visible. When people have the information they need, they are much more likely to follow through with their purchases.

2 – Keep Product Information Updated

Nothing is worse than placing an order for a product labeled as “in stock” only to get an email the following day that your purchase is on backorder – or worse yet, that the purchase cannot be completed at all. In order to enhance the customer experience, it is vital that you keep this information updated at all times. There are many Magento extensions that help you automate this process, and you can even import this information from CSV or XML files.

3 – Post Attractive Product Images

Your customers are not likely to purchase a product that they cannot see clearly, so it is important that you put up crisp, clean product images. What’s more, you should take the time to make sure that these images are up-to-date. For instance, if a manufacturer changes the way the product packaging looks, make sure you update it in Magento as quickly as possible. This way, your customers get exactly what they order, and that’s huge when it comes to overall satisfaction.

4 – Reduce Clicks for More Sales

When possible, be sure that you streamline the checkout and ordering process as much as you possibly can. When a customer has to click through several different pages just to place an order, he or she can quickly become frustrated. Make it a goal to capture the billing address, shipping address, and payment information on the same page. The fewer times people have to click, the better their overall experience. With one step checkout extension this can be done in literally 5 minutes.

5 – Don’t Be Afraid of Extensions

Magento is open-source software, and this means that you can utilize a number of extensions to make things better for your customers. In fact, you can even develop your own extensions in-house to truly customize the way your Magento store looks and feels. There are extensions for just about everything these days, and they go a long way toward improving the customer experience. From extensions that provide one-step checkout to those that allow you to upload thousands of product images at once, they make your life easier while they make your customers happier.

Remember that the customer experience in your Magento store has to do with its aesthetic appeal, accuracy, and ease of use more than anything else. When people can easily find the products they want and get all of their questions answered on the spot, they are more likely to complete their purchases.

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