8 Mistakes That you Should Avoid While Developing any App

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At the moment development of mobile apps are very popular. New businesses are gaining momentum because of this new trend. There are numerous sources available which provide information about how to develop any kind of app. The success depends on how the development is taking place. Although, experienced team is a requirement but this is not the only resort for developing an application. There are many pitfalls that must be addressed during development process. Otherwise the app may fail to get downloads. This purpose of this article is to shed light on some of the mistakes that are common during development process.


Including too many features in a single app may lost its user-friendliness. If the app is easy to understand and is purposeful, then only customers download it. If you want to add more features, you can add them in future updates.


While developing an app the major step of concern is platform. At a particular time, developers should focus on one platform and after completing it they should move to another. Developing on various platform in a single go may consume much of the time and may cost high.

Marketing and Research

Most of the development companies fails to deliver the required app because of lack of marketing and research. The companies will not face any issue at deployment phase if proper research is done.

Though, it is not possible that every aspect is researched properly but, one should focus on as many things as possible. Also, it is very important to put efforts to make an mobile app visible or enhance visibility and define audience which you are targeting.


Proper monetization planning is a must before developing any app. Just with the onset of development it is important to know from where the funds will be arranged. It is not a good practice to assume anything such as : a good company will acquire the application or ads will support the apps.

Screen Sizes

Addressing issues related screen size is another important aspect. Your app should be responsive in order to ensure seamless navigation and to fulfill the requirement of all screen sizes.

Analytics Service

It is the biggest mistake to not to invest in analytics services. It helps you know the performance of app such as: number of active users of the app, guest viewers, number of downloads and purchases, average time spend with the app, app crashes if any, etc. Thus, to measure the success of the app tracking service is a must.

Not Enough SEO

Improper or no investment in SEO is another major mistake that software companies do. Sometimes SEO is often postponed and done at the end. It is not the right approach towards mobile app development. Proper attention should be given on SEOs from the very beginning.

Less Focus On User Experience

Lastly, the development companies failed to focus on the user experience. If the user is not satisfied or impressed with the app, the app will not be successful. Every aspect of the app must be made and tested with user perspective. Channelizing efforts in right direction will help get more users and hence more downloads.
So, before registering any app with app store or before the final completion of the app, make it sure that you have checked all the above steps. As a iphone app developer you should try to minimize the mistakes that can bring your app to a lower rank.

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