Three Ways to Use your Old Apple Devices to Help Others

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If you have an old iPad, iPod, Mac desktop or MacBook, that you are not using, you will find this article of interest. Here we explain how you can get those devices back up and running, and help people in need by doing so.

Give them away

Perhaps the best way to help others is to give them your old kit. Many people cannot afford the latest gadgets, so the gift of an older phone, tablet, desktop or laptop is very welcome. You can give these reconditioned devices to family and friends or to charities and other organizations, such as schools.

Use them as teaching aids

If you have family members who are not used to using the latest technology, teaching them using your old devices is a great approach. The fact that the gadgets they are using are older, and not very valuable, takes away any fear they have of breaking it.

Take part in science projects

It is also possible to set your old laptop or desktop computer up to allow researchers to use some of its processing power to solve important problems. To take part in these projects, all you need to do is to download a simple piece of software and set it going.

Repair your broken devices

Even if your devices are not working properly all is not lost. The cost of getting them repaired has fallen drastically, so often getting them repaired is a viable option.

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