5 Online Trends You Need to Keep Your Teen Away from

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When it comes to discovering new and unique ways to get in trouble, teens easily take the cake. As parents, you probably find yourself tested to your limits as you pull your youngsters out of one mess, only to find them falling into another mess even before you’re celebrating your previous parenting success. If things weren’t challenging enough already, internet and web-connected devices have taken the difficulty in keeping teens safe to a whole new level. Online trends propagating risky and inappropriate behavior are often found to be the culprits, so it’s important that you keep yourself updated on what’s ‘hot’ among teens. Knowing what you’re up against can really help you prepare yourself better to tackle or even prevent different complicated situations your teens are prone to land in. So without further ado, here are five online trends that you need to keep your teens away from.


Sexting has become a norm nowadays, especially among teenagers. Their reluctance to share sensual messages and pictures have become dangerously low. At first, it starts as a joke, but soon grows into a habit. Knowing that, it is recommended that you seek help from parental control apps like www.secureteen.com to keep an eye on their mobile and social networking communication. Surprising as it may sound, fighting technology with technology is your best bet.

Photo Sharing

Teenagers simply love to upload their photos on their social media accounts, especially Facebook and Instagram. Their desire to attract attention and seek appreciation often drive them to the point of desperation where they start uploading extremely personal or provocative photos on social media. This naturally puts their reputation and, in the case of online predators, safety at risk. Although this is an extremely common trend, you should at least do whatever it takes to discourage your teens from becoming part of it.


Porn is strictly for adults, but unfortunately, websites hosting such content make absolutely no attempt to keep kids from accessing it. On the contrary, a lot of porn sites actually target younger audience as they are easier to convert into regular visitors. With the privacy and convenience offered by smartphones and other web-connected mobile devices, youngsters are accessing porn more than ever. In fact, they even share links to explicit videos with their friends to later discuss what they’ve just seen. To break this trend, you need to start keeping a close eye on their browsing history, and restrict access to inappropriate websites.


Kids have been teasing each other for as long as one can remember, but the teasing seems to have grown a lot more serious in recent decades. With the advent of smartphones and internet, it has matured into cyberbullying, with kids sending hateful and hurtful messages to others for either getting a few laughs, or to shame, hurt, or intimidate their targets. Since cyberspace provides a bigger audience, easier access to the victim, and even a certain degree of anonymity, cyberbullying has become alarming popular among the younger generation. Even your own kids may be perpetrators or victims of cyberbullying. Just don’t allow anything of the sort to go on right under your own nose. Keep an eye on their digital communications and social networking activities ensure that at least your teens aren’t contributing to the trend, or suffering because of it.

Cool Lifestyle

Teenagers nowadays are into drugs, drinking alcohol, and delinquency because in their minds, it’s cool to break the law and live on the edge. The reason behind such thinking is the negative influence of bad company. Some bad apples want to do bad things, but they don’t want to do them alone, so they invite other people through social networking channels or texting to join them. To entice others, they make it all sound like an adventure. Being gullible and desperate to feel like part of a pack, kids fall for it and end up getting involved in the so-called adventure. It starts off as a minor thing, but soon evolves into something much bigger and serious. Remaining connected on the go, courtesy of smartphones and internet access, is one of the biggest reasons for this, which is why it’s important that you keep an eye on their digital communications and interactions.

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