Love going rough with your portable speaker? You love the UE Boom 2

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We love Bluetooth portable sound devices, but if it won’t hold up to our rough standards, it’s better left home together with our other delicate wired gadgets.

If you haven’t’ already heard about Logitech’s UE Boom, then you’re surely missing out on a great portable speaker. Even CNET, a widely-renowned tech reviewer has this baby as part of its best portable Bluetooth speakers list. Not just once, but for a couple of years!

And now, we have the UE Boom 2 to satisfy our night-outs with heart-thumping music or fill our expeditions with sound delight.  The new model looks similar to the original, but has some important aesthetic differences. UE Boom 2 comes in six color options. It also has a tighter weave on the fabric cover, which doubles its durability. The cover flaps are now better integrated into the unit with a groove on top of the speaker to make everything tight and even.

And of course, the Boom 2 is fully water and stain-proof. Thanks to its unique “acoustic skin” with plasma coating. This means you can get it dirty or immerse it in water. Despite its compact size plays, this gadget plays unbelievably loud and clear. It also offers up to 15 hours of battery life and charges quickly. Buying two will give you a completely wireless pair of true stereo speakers through the UE Boom app for Android and iOS devices.

While the Boom 1 is water-resistant, the Boom 2 is resoundingly water-proof. The degree of waterproofing allows it to be immersed up to 30 minutes.  It is shock resistant to five feet or 1.5 meters as well. On the inside, UE has redesigned the driver to make the speaker sound better than the original. It plays 25 percent louder in its top volume but as with most compact Bluetooth speakers, sound still tends to distort at higher volumes with certain tracks, but you will likely be impressed with how loud this baby plays despite its size and that it’s able to deliver a full sound experience.

Gesture controls are also added – you simply tap at the top of the speaker to pause the music and double-tap to skip a track forward. Take note that you have to hold the speaker in your hand to use the gesture controls.

Other added features included the ability to update the Boom 2’s firmware via UE’s new app instead of linking the speaker to a computer. What’s best, you can turn the speaker on and off via the app instead of hulking over to the speaker and pushing the power button on top. What other portable speaker is capable of that?

All of this means you can take the Boom 2 wherever you go. Get rough with it like Zeus got rough with Atom in Real Steel (but why would you?). It will take it with pride. Just don’t do the hydraulic press with this. So where can you get one? That’s easy! You can get the UE Boom 2 at any Harvey Norman along with other UE devices. You can also check tech shops near to see the product yourself. Now it’s time for you to discover the joys of having a speaker as rough or as sophisticated as you are.

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