iPhone 6 Screen Protectors

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Now that you just bought a new iPhone, it only makes sense that you want to buy an iPhone 6 screen protector in order to prevent scratches and cracks from developing on the surface of your screen. There are many different types or protectors available on the market that you can buy, and they range from good, to poor to great. It is important to know the quality of the protector you’re getting, so take a list at this list of the highest quality iPhone 6 screen protectors for the money.

Glass Screens By BodyGuardz
BodyGuardz is a reputable company when it comes to producing screen protectors for valuable smart phones. For under $40, you can buy a very high quality glass screen to cover the touchscreen of your phone. This will prevent scratches from developing on the surface of the phone and will also help keep the phone intact if you are to drop it. The screen by BodyGuardz offers different bonuses too. For example, if you wish, you can purchase a special kind of glass for no additional charge that prevents glare when using the phone outside in the sun. In addition, you can purchase an outer-ring for your glass screen protector. This will improve the longevity of the screen protector, as it is being held to the front of the phone by a shell. Overall, BodyGuardz provides a very high quality product to protect your phone.

Tech Armor Clear Screen Protectors
A slightly cheaper and less sturdy product is the Tech Armor screen protectors for iPhone 6 that is available on Amazon. This screen protector is a plastic coating on the outside of the screen to prevent glare and scratches to the phone itself. It does not do much, however, in the prevention of cracks as a result of the phone being dropped. This product is overall much cheaper, but also offers a much lower amount of protection for your phone. This is a good alternative for those on a budget immediately after purchasing their new iPhone.

Zagg Glass Screns
Another good option for screen protection is offered by Zagg. While overall the most expensive option, it provides many of the same quality benefits as BodyGuardz. Glass screen protection is available from this company through three different products. The “Glass Luxe”, “Privacy Glass” and “Mirror Glass” all offer similar features in the fact that they effectively protect the phone from scratches and breaks. In addition, Zagg claims that their glass protectors are invisible, essentially saying they don’t impede the experience of the iPhone at all.

Overall, it is important to know the quality of the protector you’re getting for your phone.

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