Women in Business Are Commercial, Innovative, and Tough

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More and more women are standing up for themselves and following their own dreams. This is shown, for instance, in the fact that there are twice as many women starting new businesses as what there are men. And these businesses are proving to be incredibly successful, growing jobs, profits, and revenue much quicker than established businesses. Around half of all private companies are now owned by women. What this shows is that women have to be commercial, innovative, and tough. Take, for example, Pam Murphy, Infor’s Chief Operating Officer, who Infor CEO Charles Phillips relies on to be mistress of every situation.

Three Themes

When speaking to strong female leaders, there seem to be three very consistent themes:

  1. Being taken seriously in the male dominated corporate world is very hard.
  2. Women want to be fully in control of their lives.
  3. Women want to contribute properly to society.

Inevitably, women work incredibly hard. However, they often don’t want to work nine to five. When you look at women owned businesses, you almost always see growth reaching double or triple figures. Yet, at the same time, the women who lead these companies have families. What these women have discovered is that, to make it to the top, you will need to put in a 70 hour workweek. Exactly when you work those 70 hours is completely irrelevant. Women often work “weird” hours, taking advantage of available technology.

For years, women were never allowed to bloom to their full potential. However, this now finally seems to have been broken down, which women not just asking for leadership roles, but effectively demanding them. And for businesses, adding women to their leadership team often makes them more balanced and holistic. This is particularly true because of the inherent creativity that women have.

Women are more enlightened. Furthermore, they are in touch with their emotions, their spirit, and their soul, and they are able to talk about these things as well. We now know how important emotional intelligence is, and since women are incredibly emotionally intelligent, they instantly have an advantage.

Business owners, regardless of their gender, love their job. They give fantastic services to their community. But that said, they may not truly understand what their business needs and, when something goes wrong, they feel it is their personality that is at fault. This isn’t the case at all. Rather, they simply haven’t been taught how to do things properly. If they were a woman, however, they would ask for help. The age-old adagio that men never stop to ask for directions rings true even in the world of business.

Capitalism is changing. No longer is the focus on working hard just so that people buy stuff. Instead, it is about wealth, services, and authenticity. This is something that women embody naturally and generally don’t even require any training for. Women truly are changing the world yet again, this time in the corporate and business world, and we can guarantee it will be a change for the better.

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