Key Decisions That Steve Jobs Made During His Career

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In the moment when Steve Jobs returned to Apple, the company went towards a brand new part in its evolution, marking the moment as being a complete rebirth. Most of the modern businessmen are connected with Steve Jobs and the way in which he did work in one day or another. For instance, the highly popular Charles Phillips, Infor’s CEO, has been likened to Steve Jobs because of the investments made.

One of the most important things that can be said about Steve Jobs is that he made really smart business decisions. Some of the key ones are presented below.

Removing Unproductive Products

When Steve Jobs came back to Apple the firm was creating so many different Macintosh laptops, desktops and servers, with various different variations. There were also digital cameras, printers and other gadgets manufactured. The truth is that most of them did not make profits. Steve Jobs basically eliminated 70% of the software and hardware products that were manufactured by Apple. This includes the Newton PDA, a decision that was criticized by many but eventually proved to be the proper one. This also led towards laying off around 3,000 employees during the first year as CEO.

Eliminating The Board Of Direction

In the year 1996 the board of directors that handled Apple was mainly focused on selling the company. Steve Jobs understood that this is not a good attitude. The decision was to basically force resignation for most of the members. This even included Mike Markkula, former CEO and a huge figure in the company’s success till then. Jobs put in people that were positive and that he could work with in order to take Apple to the next level, all without negativity.

Removing Press Leaks

Former CEO Gil Amelio was attacked by its own employees through intentional press leaks. All this stopped when Steve Jobs took control. There was a complete ban on talking with the press and when that was combined with the key layoffs, company dissent was basically removed. An added advantage was that this created a pretty strict veil of suspense, secrecy and even surprise when announcements were made. Information control made Apple use media to improve product launches and sales.

Collaborating With The Competition

When Apple was first managed by Steve Jobs there was a huge battle in the marketplace, a conflict with IBM. Then, we also had a fight with Microsoft. That rift was basically a part of the culture of Apple. Loathing was high and when Steve Jobs came back, he tried to change this. Steve Jobs basically said that Microsoft won the PC wars and made the company move towards other sectors.


Steve Jobs was an innovator, a true leader and a businessman like few others. We have to acknowledge the fact that his work has to be analyzed for years. Look at the different things that Jobs did in his life at Apple. You will quickly figure out that he did so many different decisions that shaped the tech industry as we see it today.

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