How has technology changed our lifestyle?

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The means we use to communicate today are very different to those used earlier generations. The way we learn is also very different, as we have a few clicks away a universe of information that is usually mixed between lies and truths, and we must know where to look. Entertainment is another aspect that has undergone drastic changes over time; is not the same 3D cinema today to the films in the ’50s Are any is better than another? This will depend on the perception of each person and the values ​​thereof. Then we will see examples of how the technology that we do today we can see the world differently.

How has technology changed our lifestyle?


The internet is a huge source of knowledge, it changed the way we learn and find available information, how to study and do research. But the most important Internet feature is that it is the media’s currently largest, thanks to the development of tools such as Messenger, social networks or email, people are always communicated with others, plus it is now possible to express themselves without limitations. All this experience becomes much more real with development tools like YouTube where people can get to know things he had never seen before, all thanks to the videos that other people share.


The launch of the iPod meant a radical change in the way people get, share and carries the music. The iPod is a device mp3 player which can store large amounts of files of this type. Its success is due to the great marketing that was reversed him, in which colorful campaigns announced a product that focused on youth, who dominated the public Internet downloads. It’s easy to share music (to have a base in the iTunes music program), get (iTunes Store), and especially transport, made this indispensable revolutionary device.

Cell phone

The cell phone has become a necessary tool for people, now there are millions of mobile phones in our country. Thanks to the mobile phone people can be communicated, but the experience is different than it is with a smartphone as its scope of the latter is much larger thanks to the internet connection. Today life is simpler because it is much easier to contact people, this device is useful for use in emergencies, school work became easier, plus it helps us save time, however, privacy of the people they enjoyed a few years ago has been lost.


Email today has become one of the main tools of communication between people.

The use of emails within companies, now has surpassed the phone use, however, nothing more in companies has become the most practical way of communication, and also among students of universities and in general all persons who wish to do so because it has no cost.

It is noteworthy that in the workplace users of internal networks (INTRANET) have a permanent connection via internal emails.


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