How to Leverage the Newest Technology in Your Marketing Campaigns

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Marketing strategies have come a long way in the past few years. With the rapid inclusion of new technologies, marketers may find themselves struggling to keep up with an audience that is increasingly social and on-the-go. Gone are the days of outreach phone calls and printed fliers with catchy copy. To update your company’s marketing strategy in accordance with best new practices, read on.

Yes, they are still a thing. But in this day and age, audiences expect to find them in a digital inbox, not a physical one. Emailed newsletters are a great way to capture an audience and keep them engaged. Marketers use them to share product updates, promotions, events and more. The great thing about digital newsletters is that you no longer need a designer or software engineer to make a good one. With an unlimited number of free services offering designer-level newsletter templates, anyone can make a high-quality newsletter for their subscribers simply by plugging in good content.

SMS Marketing
To take digital marketing messaging one step further, Marketers and Brand Specialists are beginning to use text messaging as a form of communication with their subscribers. Leveraging this technology is a direct response to the question faced by anyone working on outreach campaigns today: how do you reach someone who is constantly on-the-go? You contact them on their mobile device. While some may argue that email achieves this, we are also in a world of international travellers. And as anyone who has done so will know, internet can be flakey abroad. In order to guarantee that your audience never misses a message or campaign, turning to SMS is a great solution.

Social Media Marketing
Another way to capture your increasingly mobile audience, is to take advantage of outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. No matter how busy your clients are, everyone seems to have time for a status update. And when they do, yours will be the ad they see. Creating targeted Facebook Ads or running a campaign on Google Analytics has never been easier. With both platforms offering instructional articles and how-to videos, anyone can create a campaign and study the results to gain meaningful insights. Even simpler than that, making a social presence for your campaign can be hugely helpful in gaining  followers. People are no longer just looking to buy products that work—they’re interested in buying a whole experience. And one basic way Marketers can offer this, is by serving up fresh content.
So instead of wasting time and money on marketing strategies of the past, leverage the newest technologies to reach a wider and younger audience. By employing some of these strategies mentioned above, you can get meaningful content and campaigns to your subscribers no matter how busy or remote they may be.

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