Focus On These 10 Strategies for Mobile Marketing Success

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Mobile devices have become the latest, hot marketing platform. More and more people across the world are relying on these devices not just for communication, but to find out about new products and services and to make purchases. Actually, a recent report shows that for many people, 40% of their internet usage time is spent on mobile devices. Furthermore, more than 90% of Smartphone owners have their devices only an arm’s length away, 24 hours a day.

Thus, for any marketer who knows the benefit of keeping abreast with the trends, there really is no way that you can ignore mobile marketing. Nevertheless, there are some strategies that if not adopted by a mobile marketer, success may be a long way off.

Understand customer mobile habits

No doubt, the most appropriate way of attracting and retaining the attention of potential customers is by understanding their mobile habits. Knowing how they use their mobile devices and structuring your strategies to complement these habits is a sure way to keep them interested for longer. In any case, only mobile marketing strategies that tally with the habits of your audience can successfully turn into a viral campaign.

Moreover, when you understand the habits of the targeted audience, you will be able to send to them content that is timely and relevant to the needs that they have.

Go local with mobile

The manners in which people use their mobile devices vary from one country to the next. To make the best of this diversity, you need to understand the habits of your targeted audience when it comes to the use of their mobile devices. In this way, you can then formulate appropriate marketing strategies that will hit at potential customers when they are most likely to be seeking the kind of products or services you are trying to promote.

Respect customer privacy

While it might be necessary for you to coax potential customers to provide you with personal information, it is important to utilize such data with utmost professionalism. Choosing web hosting in Europe can help ease concerns about NSA and Patriot Act privacy concerns. Surprisingly, potential customers are often willing to divulge personal information as long as there is something worthwhile in it for them. You on the other hand, have to make good on your promise of confidentiality.

Work on keyword strategy

Keywords are as useful in mobile marketing just as they are necessary in other kinds of online marketing. People still do not wish to spend a lot of time on things which are of little value to them and hence, you need to find a way of ensuring that your content is relevant to the mobile user.

Regardless of the kind of ad you are using on your mobile campaign, be sure to use precise, proper keywords that will grab the attention of any potential customer. Otherwise, you risk your campaign being bundled into the 46% category of mobile alert marketing messages that were recently labeled in a study by respondents as being “spam”.

Help customers to express themselves through their mobile

Mobile devices are considered a lot more personal than the shared computers at work or even at home and an avid mobile marketer can exploit this. You can take advantage of this phenomenon to encourage your audience to express themselves more freely and innovatively through your marketing platform. Of course, this expression is best done in a context that is relevant to your brand campaign.

While they express themselves, they subconsciously or consciously form a connection with the brand that is helping them unload their feelings or opinions.

Share your contact information

Obviously, some customers might feel the need to get into contact with you to seek more product information or to verify that your campaign is not just another spam or scam. By availing active contact information, you get to score points of genuineness with your audience.

Share content that is compatible with all handheld devices

You do not want to run the risk of losing out on a segment of mobile device users for the simple reason that your apps are not compatible with all such gadgets. Moreover, many people own more than one mobile device and they use them both throughout the day and night. For instance, a tablet might be handier during the day while for night-time browsing; a phone would be a lot more preferred.

By making your apps discoverable on all mobile devices, you cast out your net for a wider population while assuring your customers owning more than one device of continuity in their engagement with your company.

Mobile and Social Media-a formidable combo

Did you know that almost 80% of people who use Smartphone do check social media platforms for reviews on the products they are interested in before making a purchase?

If you wish to make the best out of this aspect, you need to strike a relationship between your mobile marketing program and the social media platforms involved. A move as simple as having buttons for sharing experiences on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest is enough to go a long way in winning you many new followers whom you could turn into customers.

Introduce mobile engagement programs

Obviously, you are looking for strategies that will ensure that your targeted audiences linger on your ad as long as is possible. One way of achieving this is by keeping them engaged through exciting programs. You could encourage them to send in their own pictures that are relevant to your campaign and offer incentives to those who are outstanding at it.

Another strategy that companies successful in mobile marketing have used is engaging their audiences in text message trivia with goodies like discounts on offer.

Let your audience customize mobile engagement programs

When you make it possible for your customers to personalize how they use the mobile engagement programs you provide, it becomes much more likely that they will enjoy unique experiences with the brand you are promoting. It is such experiences that can earn you a good number of customers whose loyalties you can hold on to in the long run.

For the marketer making inroads into the mobile marketing platform for the first time do not be shy of learning. You can borrow ideas from other mobile marketing campaigns that have been successful. While not all mobile marketing strategies may work for you, the ones that will tick will give you strong mileage to propel your brand to newer, higher heights.

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