2014 rising stars then and now 2017

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Then Now
Value $5 billion Value $11 billion
Users 70 million Users 100 million
Value $1.7 billion Value $20 billion
Users 26 million Users 200 million
Value $362 million Value $604 million
Users 37 million Users 59.4 million
Value $83 million Value $88 million
Users 30 million Users not available
Value $19.5 million Value $1 billion
Users 30 million Users 300 million


The rising stars from 2014 have seen a great increase in users and value, Snapchat, Ask FM, WeHeartIt and Kik Messenger are still proving popular with the younger generation aged between 16 and 25, whilst professionals are continuing to build LinkedIn amassing more and more CVs on their site over the 3 years. Back in 2014, Facebook was looking to purchase SnapChat and add it to their social media portfolio however their offer was turned down. Since then however Facebook has gone on to take ‘inspiration’ from SnapChat with the services it offers on its imaging network, Instagram, adding the option to save stories and temporary images to profiles and followers, as well as add stickers and text to images.

Speaking about the change and growth of the social networking sites, Managing Director of My Voucher Codes, Chris Reilly, said:

“Social media has certainly become an integral part of our lives, more so than 2014, with increasing users across all networking sites in the 3 years. Along with an increase in users, we have also seen an increase in value for these companies, many of which top the billion dollar threshold. We saw in the early days the likes of Google, Facebook and Yahoo buying up fledgling social networking websites, however in the past couple of years, this has seemed to have slowed down. Companies now look to focus on the technology and increasing user experience.”

He added:

“In the last couple of years, social networking sites look like they may have peaked. We haven’t really had any new companies joining the fold, certainly none offering something different to what we have at the moment. Have we seen the end of innovation when it comes to social media, or is the next big thing just round the corner?”


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