3 Top Health Apps for Runners

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Americans have a love for running. In fact, running is one of the quickest growing health activities that people pursue on a daily basis. Combine that with today’s dependence on mobile technology, and you have a multitude of fitness apps available to fit your specific exercise needs. Of all of these various apps, there’s too many to try to explore first hand, which is why we’ve narrowed it down to the top three.


If you are a runner, or want to get into running, you should consider using these specific running apps to get the most of your experience: 

  1. Endomondo

If you are a runner, but also enjoy a range of other physical activities (such as cycling, walking, golfing, kayaking, marital arts, football, soccer, rugby, etc.) Endomondo is an app that tracks over 40 different activities. This is why it’s so popular and wide-used by many today. It allows you to plan your exercises and set new goals. Like most other fitness apps, Endomondo allows you to record your speed, time, distance, duration and calories burnt. But going a step further, it also provides an audio coach that is built-in—and portable. This allows users to be guided throughout their selected activity, in order to reach their maximum potential. Endomondo also has a social media share feature, which can allow you to notify your family and friends of your progress.  

  1. Nike+ Run Club

The Nike+ Run Club App, a newer edition of the Nike+ Running app, delivers coaching plans for both running and various workouts. There are two main options to first select from: “Get Started,” which is for those beginning a run & “Get More Fit,” an option to improve upon personal performance scores. You can monitor how you are performing—whether you are progressing or are backsliding. In addition to this, you can still set up standard settings to record, such as: speed, duration, distance, pace and heart rate. If you run, but usually do so on a treadmill, Nike + Run Club has an indoor run setting that makes this particularly great. 

  1. Strava

If you love friendly competition, look no further, Strava is the app for you. Like many of the other fitness apps, it still counts and records distance, time, pace and calories, however, it goes one step further. Users can view the running performances of people in the local community as well as other runners throughout the globe. So however serious you want to personally be, there is always someone that can encourage you to perform better— to train harder (the app also informs how long people are training…nudging you to get out there more).

If you haven’t guessed it, runners are assigned a ranking, which is subject to change with their performance statistics—a way of encouraging you to do better than the previous run. So use Strava if you want to be competitive in your training while having a social aspect to what you are achieving. But be careful on your runs and make sure your home is protected before you leave for the next marathon—you don’t want something to happen while you are away.

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