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Location is the most significant part of the mobile app experience, especially for both mobile marketers and developers. Radar has proved to be the best location platform to be developed. It uses location and samples data you want to collect, analyze and offer you with the best results.

Radar was established in 2016 by two ex-Foursquare colleagues Nick Patrick and Coby Berman with several years of experience in the development and marketing of location-related products and services. If Stripe is to payments, Mixpanel to communications then Radar is to locations.

According to Patrick, the team behind the concept of Radar had to perform the following;

  • Develop background location- tracking that was correct, battery efficient and reliable across all operating systems including Android and IOS.
  • Create dashboards with Google Maps integration
  • Be alert on location updates and decide when to update booking status and send push notifications
  • Store various locations and data for analysis

The Reason behind the Development of Radar

Radar was built by Coby Berman and Nick Patrick after discovering that numerous applications needed location services which had proved to be a difficult task.

Patrick recalled trying to develop location tools that would be significant in tracking Handy cleaners on behalf of Handy customers.  He was wondering why there were no existing services that would be a solution to that.

Why You Choose Radar for Your Company

Many companies are currently investing in various mobile apps to increase efficiency and revenue. There are apps for every purpose such as; products and services, and blog but they lack location-based services in their operations. The following are the reasons to choose Radar;

  • It offers customers an opportunity to combine with Radar SDK so that they can create geofences for tracking both entry and exit events
  • It provides the best experience for end-users by utilizing all tracking data
  • It enables the developers to add location context and monitoring to their apps

Radar Applications

Radar app can be used in most businesses, for instance, courier services can benefit from Radar tracking capabilities and provide real-time location information to their customers. In addition to that, it ensures the privacy of information to the end user by separating the recognizable confidential details from the real location data.

Other applications of Radar include mobile app marketers & developers, hospitality companies, and hotel chains. Radar technology has been used in these companies to improve the guest experience for customers.

You can get started with Radar application by following the following steps;

  • Track users – You can begin tracking user locations with just ten lines of code by adding SDK to both Android and IOS.
  • Create geofences – create many geofences which represent regions through the dashboard.
  • Receive events – You can receive export events for analysis.

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