What Digital Technology Has Changed (Or Completely Eradicated)

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The internet has changed a number of things. Many of these changes have revolutionized what people expect from industries. In fact, some things have been completely replaced or are close to being replaced. The following are some digital advancements worth noting.

Payphone Communication

One thing that has been replaced is the payphone. These phones were placed all over the city, giving people the opportunity to make calls in case of an emergency or just because. There is no doubt that these payphones served a purpose, but they are no longer needed. Most people carry a phone in their pocket or purse nowadays.

Taxi Companies

Transportation is a pretty important thing to worry about, especially in the city. This is one reason taxi businesses started and why they have been quite successful, but technology is beginning to replace what most people have become accustomed to, such as hailing a cab. At the moment, taxis are being replaced by regular folks who are giving people rides with their smartphones through ride-sharing applications. These applications connect people who need rides to people willing to give them one for a price.


Another thing that is being replaced by digital technology is print. Newspapers, books, magazines are all suffering in today’s modern era. There are a number of online companies offering digital publishing to anyone interested in publishing a digital magazine, book, or a newspaper. A day’s worth of researching WordPress hosting options and other elements of a publishing-focused website can have someone running their own online magazine in no time. This has given people the opportunity to hear more voices, especially since publishing used to be very competitive. New authors, magazine writers, and journalists had to compete to get a chance in the spotlight but this is no longer the case, which is very exciting.

TV and Films

Television and movies have definitely changed due to technology. Many people have abandoned cable and replaced it with online subscriptions to streaming services. These types of online services offer television and movies at a cheaper price. Furthermore, streaming services remove those annoying commercials between shows or films and also allow a person to choose exactly what he or she is going to watch. Streaming is also hitting cinemas pretty hard at the moment. Independent films and other unpopular films are being released online rather than at the theaters, which is taking a toll on cinema chains. This is great for independent filmmakers, who would have a harder time reaching people without the internet.


The way people interact with music has changed as well; for example, most people have abandoned CDs and replaced them with digital music stored on drives or streamed online. These can be purchased online at a fraction of the price. Streaming services have made it easier for people to hear music without purchasing an entire album. People also used to go to concerts, but technology is making it easier for fans to watch their favorite artist perform live from the comfort of their home using live video streaming services.

There is no telling how much the music industry is going to change or any of the other industries mentioned here, but the changes technology has brought are definitely here to stay. Keep in mind that these are just some of the industries that have been affected by technology; there are many others out there like landline companies now competing against cell phones and VoIP services.

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